CREATE.  Celebrating, Releasing, Encouraging Artists To Expression.  Ten plus years ago I thought of this while swimming. "Artist" was not a term I used for myself.  I did not draw or write or sing or dance to the calibre I associated with that term.  But then as I read "The Artist's Way" I realized that the term is not used because of work output but perspective.  An artist sees the world from a different perspective and communicates it in the way they live.  Slowly I realized "artist" is indeed a term I would use to describe myself.   I was released to creatively express crazy joy, hope, love, and peace.  I was released  to help others be free to express also.  I want to be the ray of light in the darkness that totally changes the view.  I hope you find food for your artist soul as you enter this site.  


Heroically Grateful

Joy Newswanger