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May. 19, 2019

"Give me your tired and weak," the tree seems to say. It is a broken tree. Not much substance. A dead trunk and decayed branches in a sand dune. But decorated with these shells this dead tree reminds me of a Christmas tree with its many unique beached ornaments (which also are worn, broken, not whole and were placed here by some passerby, like me). "

Oh, no", I think. These shells are the ones a treasure seeker like me excitedly spots, partially covered. Then as the shell is lifted from its sand cover the flaws, the gaping holes are revealed. The excitement quickly turns to disappointment with more close up inspection. But here in this varied assortment of broken display I spy beauty. Only shells with holes will fit on a branch.

It may not be a burning bush but my bare feet on this hit sand says this moment, being present in Love's Presence, is holy. Here on the beach I see that even the broken has a purpose, a place. Sometimes brokenness, weakness is the best way to display grace. Grace is not designed to be owned in closed containers but to flow. Containers with holes do not obstruct flow. Containers with holes steward, not own. Containers with holes can be temporary conduits for something of greater value. I walk on pondering.

I start another holy place further down the beach for another to share. I gather my own broken vessels and listen to the ocean in their emptiness before placing them on another dead tree branch. .

As I leave the beach, my heart resounds with another invitation. "Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest".

The Tree of Life invites me to take my broken open heart shell and find my place of rest on a branch. Here the Life will be my Perfection, Completion, displaying me as a glorious ornament of beauty. As part of this Tree of Life my broken, is just a way to attach to the branch. Here, my unwhole abides, being transformed to Holy.

Yes, brokenness has a purpose, beauty. Surrendered, broken open hearts can be hung on a Tree to display Love's grace flow in BEauty.

Join me in giving all our broken to the One who completes and displays us as Grace-flowing conduits of beauty.

Jln, SUPER JOY, 5-18-19

May. 10, 2019

"Spirit COlaboration heART."

This collaboration was so meaningful to me personally. Laura Brady Reiner, @laurabradystudio, contacted me to write about her latest heart garden painting on a day where a fresh loss and wave of new grief hit.

Often during my grieving of several sisters and my mother, I sat on my deck, reading, writing and praying. While sitting, a hummingbird would not only come to my hanging fuschia plant but intentionally circle me. This tiny messenger of heavenly hope, a hummingbird, encircled me as if saying "I see you. Do you see me?" ... My broken open heart felt heard and INtimately seen.

Grateful for art to be Love's show to tell, to be BEautifully reMINDed, that I am seen. Thank you Laura Reiner Brady. Thank you art. Thank you Spirit who is Holy that generously speaks living Word, heART to heart. Jln, SUPER JOY, 5-9-19


"I am drawn by

the scent of nectar sweetness and luminous color

that says come to feast on completeness.

I am drawn,

my heart pulled ascending above,

to be One with you,

to savor Our love."

Jln, SUPER JOY, 5-8-19 Original painting be Laura Reiner Brady, @laurabradySTUDIO 

May. 1, 2019

Yes, I am SUPER JOY.


Yes, I am clothed IN LOVE.

Yes, I lift my eyes.

Yes, I am like a tree.

Yes, I wander in WONDER.

Yes, I am a child of the Light.

Yes, LOVE smiles on, in, through me - radiantly, perpetually.

Yes, I am SUPER BELoved, being Love.

Yes, I am SUPER skilled at LOVE.

Yes, I help people smile and BElieve.

Yes, I show to tell, help people find true JOY, for themselves.

Did you smile?

What do you see?

Did you find your JOY? (cause the Source is LOVE. not me). SUPER JOY, jln, 5-1-19

May. 1, 2019

Are my heart roots deep in Love? As I walk on a hilly path by a stream I look up on the hillside above to see thick roots around rocks of mature tree. Defying my logic this tenacious seed rooted deep gripping, surrounding rock to find food, security. 

Is my heart rooted this deep? A wise teacher said a wise man builds his house upon a rock. For in the storm the quality of foundation is revealed.when the storms come am I so deeply rooted in Love that the tree of me stands tall?

Roots to shoots.

These roots went around the rocks

even breaking down the shale, slate

with tenacious grip to feed, support

the mature tree on high grade soil

securely being life above me. I

s my heart rooted this securely,

deep in soil Love. to be a tree of Life above?

Do I have deep roots

to be tall, unshakeable, mature shoots?

Jln, SUPER JOY, 5-1-19

Apr. 30, 2019

"Is that you in the children's picture book section again, Joy?," my community librarian teased. "

"Why yes, I will never leave this section."

I professionally have used picture books to inspire all age audiences for decades. (And I have quite a few, one of a kind picture stories, I created for special occasions, that remain in my files). Today, I am once again returning to this favorite resource to speak truth to my childlike heart.

The magical mystery of art and word in PICTURE books invite me to SEE differently timeless truths, I often overlook but desperately need to see with my tired adult eyes. Picture books invite me to see through eyes of heART to hope, as I wander in wonder as the ageless child of the Light I am. I am so grateful for the heart gift of writers, artists, picture books, for stories that beautifully show to tell.

Do you have a favorite children's story too? A story that invites you to simply see as a child? Today, won't you join me in intentionally using whatever tools we need to reMIND ourselves, we are always free to be loved and find hope as the ageless children of Love's heART we are.

You see, I never leave the children's section. I am living a timeless story of Love. I am a living picture book expressing and speaking from and to the BElieving, childlike heart of Love. Jln, SUPER JOY, 4-30-19