Aug. 27, 2015

Encounter with three dirty girls and a puppy

"weeeeee", as I came to the central church and chapel in Wittenberg, Germany, I heard the sound of children. My eyes narrowed and focused on a dark courtyard corner with trash cans. Here were three children with a small puppy. Dirt was on their faces, rips in their clothes and there was territorial contention about the puppy, the smallest girl holding the puppy leash. Two of the girls were soon headed to the open door of the small, centuries old chapel. Quietly I followed them into the chapel watching their utter delight in investigation of everything "sacred". The flowers on the altar, the candle and finally the wooden baptismal bowl lid in the back of the church. I watched and heard, "do not forbid them, the little children, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." My spirit recalled all the life words I had received even yesterday at Father's delight in me as His little girl. Peace. I was still lost and had not located my group but I had located His presence.