Aug. 28, 2015


WALLS IN A DAY. I toured Berlin this year for the first time. As we went to Checkpoint Charlie to see the old dividing line between East and West I was struck by the guide telling us that the wall literally went up overnight. How was that possible? The wall was miles long. The guide explained a fence was erected with armed guards then fortified with concrete gradually to make it more permanent. As I travelled the highway close to my home this summer I saw twenty tractor trailers loaded with preformed concrete barriers. Literally a concrete wall would be erected overnight to divert traffic during construction. "These are judgements. Unforgiven wounds. What you don't expose to forgiveness is like concrete barriers. One new wound causes all those barriers to align and suddenly you have an impenetrable, impermeable wall that allows no exchange or life giving flow." Life requires flow. AM I ALLOWING FORGIVENESS TO TOUCH EVERY PART OF MY HEART so that instead of a concrete wall I have a permeable membrane of the Father's heart as my refuge? Legally I am forgiven but do I believe it, live it relationally with the Father, close to His heart? There is a difference between concrete barriers and relational living stones.