Sep. 3, 2015


"Mama, mama. Stop. Let me smell. I wanna pray for the flowers."
I hear the small insistent voice, turn my eyes and stop to watch the mother stop and pull the purple lilac to her tiny nose.
"Smell it, mama, smell it," she chatters.
"Can I smell it too?" I ask through smiling lips.
Translating my American English to the ears of this east Berlin resident takes a moment but my smile wins her.
"What is your name?" I ask eye to eye.
"Sarah. I am two and a hafff," Sarah answers.
"Wow, Sarah, I love to smell flowers too. Thanks for praying for these lilacs."
"Sarah prays for everything, especially flowers and trees and butterflies," Sarah's mom offers.
"Well I stop for beautiful things. Seeing and hearing you and your daughter was irresistible. Thanks for being God's grace gift to me."
"Yes, Sara is always a gift. She was born after fourteen years of trying - three miscarriages, one stillbirth and finally Sara. I always stop for Sara to pray."
"Wow, she is God's gift. Thanks for sharing your Sarah gift with me. Can I give you a bracelet?"
"OK," Sara consented looking from Mama to me to Mama.
I place the pink Smiley bracelet in her tiny hand and wave my supermiracle bubble wand in her direction.
"Mama look. Bubbles. Blesssssss bubbles" I hear as I run to rejoin my group.
Love crosses language, theological and cultural barriers taking down walls establishing flow for grace gifts.