Sep. 5, 2015


"Ow!" I feel and hear something tear as I land on my right foot from a jump.
"No, that was just my imagination," I think. "I am wearing my good dance shoes. I've done that jump before many times. Nothing was wrong with the way I landed."
"OW!" I continue to dance thinking the pain will dissipate but it only escalates. I prop my foot and gulp Ibuprofen then limp to my car. Rest will help.

But rest and healing prayers do not eliminate the pain of use. "I am fifty-plus years old. I should know better. How can I expect to dance at my age?" This reasoning is all sound but leaves my heart empty of comfort. I LOVE to encourage young people in dance and watch them grow in their art. I love to savor the beauty of professionals who have committed all their efforts to training their bodies as instruments of art. I own many dance movies. BUT I am also a dancer. Watching dance is not enough. I want to be part of it too.

December was my grounding date. When will be my lift-off?

Doctor, podiatrist, x-ray, MRI appointments do little to cure my foot although the exclusive use of two orthopedically correct pairs of shoes help minimize pain of use. The prescribed bland black sneakers are nursing home appropriate foot-ware.

I invest in flagging with my upper body as I stand and find some joy of expression here. However, one night as I lie crying in bed, my husband says "You are not done dancing. Even if angels have  to levitate you above the ground, you will dance." Yes, physical limitations cannot keep my spirit from soaring but I want physical and spiritual.

I prepare to go on a trip to Germany and Switzerland. "It is time to take off. You are not grounded any longer," I hear as I pack my two pairs of orthopedically correct shoes.

In beautiful rain-soaked Geneva, I walk with a new friend waving super miracle bubble wand. As we walk on a bridge, I see an open door invitation into a building built on top of the river. A purple carpet greets us on the steps as we enter.

"Can we look around?" I ask.
"Sure," the workmen respond as they set up for a performance in this water-power generating building converted into a theater.

Soon the flags are out of my bag and I dance on royal purple carpet without pain. "I am dancing, on water" I realize as I enjoy this new step of freedom.