Sep. 10, 2015


"Let me put this on your arm, please" the guide prompted.
"Sure. Can I have the green one?" I ask as I lift my arm for the glow stick bracelet.
"Sure," she smiles.
"I love it. I feel like I am in kindergarten."

Single glow sticks already attached to the tip of kayak and our life jackets, we push off from shore and begin to paddle. Only the smallest amount of light seems to come from these childish objects in the evening twilight. Silly but fun. I need the chuckle and giggle every time I catch the glow in my peripheral vision.

Twilight hues majestically blanket the lake in colorful horizon reflection as round full moon rises. "Splish," the paddle sound occasionally punctuates the still, surround-around silent beauty. "Inhale, exhale," my breath and thought slow to the stillness releasing my unsolvables to embrace hope-filled probables.

"Wow, look at that," I whisper to my husband, "these little glow sticks really are powerful." We navigate around a few other boats marked with tiny green, yellow, red glow. We do not need the headlamps we brought until exiting the kayak at the shore. The tiny glow is enough to mark our path. What seemed silly and childlike is mature wisdom, a little light makes a big difference.

A friend of mine said on the previous full moon night she kayaked without light and spent two hours looking for her landing site and parked car. Never underestimate the power of a tiny glow. Your tiny heart hope light might be the one that leads someone home.