Sep. 20, 2015


INVITATION TO MY FATHER'S SANCTUARY. Often after his noise-filled clerk job in the office of the truck loading warehouse at American Home foods, my father came home, changed into sweatshirt and got on his balloon-tired bike to ride on a country loop outside our small town. Sometimes, on these rides, Daddy carried me in his bike basket. He ate fruit, whistled and sang along with a small battery operated transistor radio as he rode. I watched, listened and hummed. Then Daddy stopped the bike, parked, and took me to a small clearing in the woods on a hillside that he called his "sanctuary". Daddy uncovered his small collection of "repurposed" seats, sat and audibly prayed for each family member while I watched and listened. Then I climbed an evergreen tree; walked out a branch, and slid to ride Daddy's shoulders out of the woods. Worship seeds dropped into my heart in this ritual.

Today, at twilight I walk. On this Father's Day, I open heart to request in my sanctuary. "My Father who art in in heaven, hallowed be Thy name." I ask that I would feel the tangible hug of Father's God's inescapable arms of unfailing Love. I ask that I would know more fully that I am surrounded by the great cloud of witnesses. My earthly father's grave is empty because his spirit is no longer limited to His earthly mortal body. But the growth of the seeds he planted in me confirm his legacy presence.

I walk, watch and listen, watering my heart plants, as my feet wonder on hillside tractor paths among corn, soybeans and wheat. The answers surround me. Papa God paints the sky and I see and feel the immensity of His greatness. As my heart windows open, I go from peephole to wide immersive screen view of Him. My ears open to heavenly sounds of creation: Love songs of birds, crickets, and wind rustled leaves. Immeasurable Light superimposes itself on the dark background of my life. Love lullaby amplifies over the din and noise. Here in my Father's sanctuary, I receive the realization of forgiveness and its sensuous cleansing. Grateful tears flow as I feel the smile of both my heavenly and earthly fathers on Father's Day in my Father's sanctuary.