Oct. 7, 2015


 "It was me. I'm the one. You said you thought someone here had anxiety attacks that has heart symptoms and that is me," the beautiful, middle-aged woman said as she cautiously approached me.

"May I touch you?" I asked.
"Sure," she whispered.
I draped my arm on her shoulders side-hugging her into me.
"Shalom, mind-blowing, nothing missing, nothing broken peace fill you from the top of your head to the tip of toe. Fullness of JOY bubble, bubble, bubble up," I whispered.
She lifted her tear streaked face and looked me in the eye.
"Ha ... ha ... ha ... ha ha ha ha"
We belly-laughed together as Love laughed and set us free from the mental prisons where lies of fear with all its horror movies tortured us.

Love laughs at lies, setting you free to see.