Oct. 9, 2015


Rosa sits. Tilting sideways. Grasping with her elegant pink painted finger nails, she clutches and rubs fingers together. Staring blankly through beautiful dark eyes, the disconnect between body and mind glares. Ed, her strong son, frames his frail Italian mother's body with his own to accommodate the erratic movements of late stage Alzheimer's. Rosa grabs his hand, releases, tilts and Ed hugs her tighter to gently reposition. I cannot take my eyes off the live picture of love and honor right in front of me. Heart magnetically pulled, I sit down in the chair next to Rosa.

"Is it okay if she grabs your hand?,"  Ed asks as I sit down.
"Yes," I reply through tears.

Rosa and I hold hands. We lock eyes. We smile at each other. I kiss Rosa's cheek. Unsatisfied with cheek kiss, she motions to her perched lips and I comply. Then Rosa's face goes blank for a moment and we start again.

Rosa leans toward me and my ear leans into her lips. "You are from The Lord. mm mmm mmm mmm" Rosa utters incomprehensible babbles. I leave a brief moment to give something to two young girls. "You are hot mm, mmm, mmm"  she says as she briefly pulls her hand away from my renewed grip.

Eye to eye our spirits communicate overcoming limitations of minds and bodies. Love.

If I speak with tongues of men and angels, if I see the sick healed and the dead raised and have not LOVE ... All will pass away but Love will remain.