Oct. 24, 2015


"You said your classes are easier this semester so I thought I'd give you some homework," I say as I collect my pool bag.
"Yeh, go on ..." replies my twenty-something, marketing major lifeguard.
"If you could design a billboard to market yourself what would it look like, what would it say?" I answer.
"Wow, I like that. I'll get right on that,"she responds.
"You'd better do that 'cause I am going to check on that homework next time I swim," I quip as I turn and head into the locker room.

"So did you do your homework?" I say as I collect my towel today.
"Yeh, I have some ideas," she answers.
"So ...tell me," I counter.
"Well, I thought I'd have a huge picture of me smiling captioned, 'Hi! I am Precious!"
"I love it. So now, could you do that for other people without telling them. Could you think about a billboard for say, the clerk in the checkout line?" I prompt.
"Yeh, I could, I can totally see that. Wow. Thanks for believing in me."

If God wrote a billboard to market you what would it say? What if you ask every day for His billboard advertising you that day? Would you become a living advertisement of Love?

The first one I see for me has no words just a little girl with a huge bubble sword and superhero smile shirt with cape :) I can't wait to see what the billboard is tomorrow.