Dec. 3, 2015

Foundation of Freedom Tower

"The wise man built his house upon the rock. The foolish man built his house upon the sand." I purchase the "See Forever" ticket for the best view of the New York City skyline and beyond. But as I step on to the escalator to go down into the foundation of one of the tallest buildings in the world, the words of this children's song play through me. "The wise man built ..." Freedom tower, the tallest in the Western Hemisphere, one of the tallest in the world, commences my ascendent tour by descending.

As light dims, my fear of heights is replaced by claustrophobia. Dark remnants of fear from nearby burial site of trapped thousands echo. Soon, illuminating living story of this monumental building drowns out echoes. Buried beneath this earth are not only graves but foundations. Although mostly invisible from the outside, unseen foundations are the support of the seen. To go up, you must go down.

"So, while the buildings will only get taller, we must remember that a structure is only as strong as its foundation," The Madrid engineering group. "Geology totally controls the skyline of New York, in that the higher buildings are always found where the rock is close to the surface," Charles Merguerian, geology professor, Hofstra University.

I begin the Freedom tower tour by stepping into its story. In a tunnel, I am surrounded by, immersed in, the building process from the perspective of architects' and builders' interviews and dazzling construction pictures. This construction passageway leads me to and through a beautiful cornerstone, the "Freedom Stone."

This twenty ton "Freedom Stone" from the Adirondacks in New York State, meticulously cut and polished, sits atop a 14-by-16-foot foundation of concrete and steel bars filling the 70 foot deep skyscraper foundation. "The stone is a mix of black and gray, from feldspar and hornblende; pale green and white, from quartz and also from feldspar; and brownish red, from deposits of garnet as large as a half-dollar coin", says Karen Pearse, the founder and chief executive of "Innovative Stone". When the sun hits the garnet facets, she says, ''It's dazzling.''

But the sun will not hit this stone. Its inherent beauty remains hidden beneath the earth. The stone's strength; however, serves to support a structure that allows untold numbers of people to "See Forever" as they travel above the clouds. There is no lasting view without rock solid, foundational wisdom. As I ascend in elevator to spectacular long distance views, I remember the sparkling stone that lies buried deep beneath me supporting this "forever" sight.

What foundation is at my core? Am I a wise woman who values my life building enough to expose vulnerable heart core and undergo the painful process of laying invisible but invaluable foundation? Do I value hope perspective enough to take time for core development which enables ascension and view above the earth?

As the earth shakes and my body fades, may the unshakeable Kingdom of Love be revealed as the indestructible foundation of my being that remains.