Jan. 16, 2016


"Do you work for the Attorney General?" I ask.
The Attorney General banner at the PA Farm Show booth draws my focus.
"We do work for the Attorney General - but we haven't even seen her as we are on the lower levels, and she works from the satellite office near her home,  and ...," he hedges.
"Wow, you have a challenging job," I reply.
"Well, - we really are not at the top," they quibble.
"Yes, but you still do necessary work in a politically tough climate currently. Thank you." I affirm.
"Yes. Thank you," they respond.
I turn to walk away then double back to the booth.
"Can I have one of these bracelets? I love purple," I pause.
"And would you like one of my bracelets?," I open my right hand to display my offering.
"Yeh. Sure. We will take a bracelet," they chuckle.
The two employees choose a Smiley bracelet from my hand as I pick up their purple "Attorney General" wristband.
"I'm praying for your office, even people at the bottom like you," I state.
"Thank you. We will definitely take that."

Almost daily headlines about the exposed corruption at the highest level of my state's legal system have broken my heart. It is easy to criticize. It is easy to bury my head and feel powerless. I am disgusted with what it said about the legal system, disappointed in what has been done by women and to women. But to this point, I have not prayed. Now, I stand here convicted and guilty. I have judged wrongly. I am not powerless. Mercy triumphs over judgement.

Until I encounter these two people sitting at this booth, the headlines are far removed from my world. But these two are real people who need Love, just like me. So today I am grateful for the confrontation of two representing their embattled boss. How will I honor them? their boss?

I will take my heart to the Highest Judge. Even the Attorney General has an Advocate who stands ready in the Highest Court to plead for "Mercy with clemency. An eternal sentence of encountering unfailing Love." Today I am encountered by the power of Love in the exchange of bracelets.  I can represent the Highest Justice found in True Love living Light in darkness. I am not powerless. I am powerful in Love.