Jun. 20, 2016

"Learning to Fly"

Today as I dry wash on the outdoor clothesline I am watching two robin parents teach their fledgling chicks how to get worms and fly. I spied one of these chicks two days ago in the rain as it hid under some of our ornamental tall grass. My two indoor/outdoor cats and numerous neighbor and stray cats love to hunt in my backyard. The "mother me" anxiously watches this daily survival drama of cats and bird training. Each morning I celebrate when I hear the high pitch chick and parent chirp dialogue that represent another day of life ...

Today the chicks are flying more deliberately than yesterday, navigating their way up trees, branch by branch, and on to safer rooftop perches. Life is such a beautiful gift. I celebrate today aware and in awe of the cycles of life surrounding me.

Limited in their protective ability, the adult robin parents use every available noise and dive bomb to distract predator. In this vulnerable learning season, the robin fledglings enjoy little room for error. Fledgling survival requires continual life and death risk. My own circumstances can threaten me. But I have Love, connection to Spirit, fully accessible at all times. An unlimited arsenal of teaching methods and connection protection is continually available to me. Will I learn new ways to find soul food and fly higher today? Yes, today I will trust Spirit. Today, I will test out my wings as a Loved child of an infinitely good Creator who never abandons me. Today, I will practice, fly and soar to new heights in Love