Jun. 21, 2016

"DOTS in the SKY"

"Do you see that? Can you see the rings around Saturn?," the planetarium host inquires.

"Yes, funny, but to me, through this lens at this angle, Saturn looks like a giant eye in the sky," I chuckle. "Just as impressive are all those dots of light surrounding the planet. It blows my mind that every single one of them is not a pixel but an actual star."

As I cover my opposite eye to properly focus, I see the intended planet and more. There are millions of dots of light surrounding the planets in the field of view that are not pixels but unique light bearers, stars. With the immensity and scope, the hugeness, I am overwhelmed. I am so small but I get to be part of this. "From a planet or a star focused on earth with a super-telescope would my light be detectable?," I wonder.

Thousands of years ago, in a unique conversation between Abraham and Creator, Abraham is promised he would be the father of many with descendants more numerous than the stars. Am I one of the stars Abraham saw as he gazed through Creator's eyes? Did Abraham see the skies filled with countless lights that are the family of humanity?

As forgiveness flows and Love grows in me, may I see the radiance of each of those who have gone before, are here now, and will follow me. May I release each one to shine, to be the perfectly "brilliant" idea before Creation that Creator sang into being, called very good, and named dearly Loved child.  As I am set free to Love and see, may my glorious, blessed family of humanity arise and shine.  May I daily see more Light,  more than just dots or obscure names  - individual light bearers on timeless, infinite horizon of Love. I am not alone.  I am part of Love's story called family that shines brighter than stars.