Jun. 24, 2016


"Oh don't stop, please. I didn't get a picture on my phone yet," an unknown voice requests.

"Okay," I reply. I do flags and bubbles a minute longer in the center of a star on Penn's Landings' sidewalk in Philadelphia.

"Did you get what you wanted?," I inquire as I approach the beautiful black woman in stuffed animal decorated, motorized chair.

"Yes, I have hundreds of pictures on this phone but I needed yours too, soo beautiful," she responds.

"Thank you. My name is JOY. Can I give you a hug for that?"

"Sure, I'd love a hug. I'm Kathryn. I do bubbles every sunrise on my 17th story balcony overlooking the University of Pennsylvania. So glad to see another bubble fan."

"Yep, I do bubbles everywhere.  The University of Pennsylvania is part of my life story, so we have another thing in common," I respond as I offer my Smiley bracelet necklace in open hand. "Would you like a few smiley bracelets to add some more color to your life and some prayer?"

"Absolutely," Kathryn agrees.

"Spirit, fill Kathryn with Shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken, mind blowing, wholeness restoring Peace and JOY from the top of her lovely head to the tip of her toes," I say as I place the necklace around her neck and squeeze her in tighter embrace one more time.

"Yes, shalom Peace and Joy, that's good. You just keep releasing that goodness and healing everywhere. ...Love is just SO SO GOOD. Most people don't want to hear how good Love is 'cause they think it is impossible. But I AM A MIRACLE. I am the oldest living survivor of pancreatic cancer (diagnosed and operated on at age 24). I've had a stroke, heart attack ... So many things I should be dead and definitely not able to stand - BUT LOVE."

"It's all medically documented. At the hospital they call me the MIRACLE WOMAN ... I know I need to write my stories 'cause people need HOPE ...," Kathryn reaches in her bag to show me her one line scribbles on notepad ... Story after story.

Daily, bubble city skyline photos with encouraging 'Peace, Love, courage and JOY to you' texts arrive on my phone. Kathryn just can't help but flow in love and pull more out of me.

Today, a few weeks later, Kathryn calls me. "Guess what? I'm typing!," She giggles. "I used to type 140 words per minute but since my stroke I could not type. Yesterday I knew I needed to go to the computer room. After spending 20 minutes turning on the computer I began to type my first story. 'How did this happen?' she pondered. "JOY. I restore everything the locusts have eaten," she heard in heart. ... Love is just so good!"

The treasures Love created surround me. Opportunities for miracles abound. May I have eyes to see and feast together on Creation's beauty. One of my Love treasures is a bubble blowing hero named Kathryn.  Kathryn truly is a MIRACLE woman.  I am a miracle too creating more "possibles" everywhere I love.