Jun. 28, 2016

"Salem's Superheroes"

"Wow, I like your Supergirl costume," she giggles as she approaches me in the crowd.

"Actually, I am SuperJOY masquerading as Supergirl, but tonight I feel like a celebrity. I've even had a couple selfie requests!" I laugh. "But you definitely rock the Wonder Woman costume."

"Thanks. Yeh, it's pretty fun. I love being here dressed like this," she replies.

"So what do you think about DC versus Marvel comics?," my friend asks.

I listen trying not to betray my ignorance of this topic as they banter.

"You are really talented too. You are gonna do great at your new job," my friend says.

"How did you know I had a new job? Wow, I thought I was gifted but you're pretty good. So will you let me read my cards?"

"Sure, I will," I volunteer. "Wonder Woman" has such a beautiful heart that I do not decline her offer.

"You really like water and ...," she proceeds to read her three cards.

"Yeh, I love water and your words are pretty true. You really are a Wonder Woman. You know, your words are powerful. Words can be keys to open hearts to True Love."

"Wow, thanks. I love that description of 'super' word power," she pensively replies. "I try to be positive. You and I have a lot in common. You do things very similar to me without a gimmick".

"So can I ask you another question?," I ask.

"Sure," she responds.

"Are you a dancer? Do you have foot and spinal alignment issues?," I ask.

"Wow, yeh I do. I have pain in my back and feet that really frustrates me and limits my dance."

"I am a dancer too. I hate pain! Can I pray for you? Can I touch your feet?," I request.

"Sure, go ahead and pray."

I get on my knees and lightly touch her beautiful feet as my three other friends surround her. "Shalom come, pain go in every part of this beautiful body. Spine align with the flow of Perfect Love, now," I pray.

"That is amazing. I feel so good. I never knew I could feel this good!" she exclaims.

"Yeh, Love is powerful and there is nothing like Peace. I never want to be without it and I never have to be. That Love you feel will never let you go. Remember I told you I am a superhero, just not Supergirl. I'm supernatural JOY and my real superpower is Love," I chuckle. "You have that superpower too.  Hey,  I have to go now but would you like a hug?"

"Sure. I just moved here to Salem from Pennsylvania and it's been so lonely but this sounded really fun. I never expected it to be this good," "Wonderwoman" smiles as we tightly embrace.

"Well, if Love sent me all the way from Pennsylvania just to meet you tonight you must be pretty special. Afterall, you are 'Wonder Woman' and I know it 'cause your heart glows! You are never alone," I grin.

"Wow. Thanks," she says as we hug once more.

In the massively crowded streets of Salem, Massachusetts this Halloween night I had wondered why I was here. It sure was not what I expected ... until I met my Love assignment, a lonely and beautiful girl dressed as "wonderwoman" who liked "Supergirl". May I always have eyes to see and time to be Love to the ones right in front of me. Love is a Super Power greater than any other. I always want to be Love's Super Hero me, with or without Caped costume.