Jul. 1, 2016

Learning to SWIM

"I'm afraid!," five year old Katrina shrieks.

"It's okay.  Just trust me.  I've got you.  Just learn back," swim teacher Laura instructs. "Can you feel my hand under your head? You know how to float.  I've seen you!," she encourages.

"Okay. Yes, I feel your hand. I guess I'll try." Katrina whimpers as she leans back into the water.

"Wow, look you are moving," Laura says as she maneuvers Katrina's tiny body backward through the water. "Wow, wow, wow, you are a hero.  Look at that, Katrina, you are floating."

"So are you ready for what we practiced?," Laura questions.

"I guess so," Katrina concedes, "but you are not going anywhere, are you?"

"Katrina, you know I'm not goin' anywhere.   I'm right here. I've got my eye on you," Laura assures. "Now, okay,  make a soldier, airplane, monkey, just like we practiced."

"Okay," Katrina consents.

"Soldier, airplane, monkey. Soldier, airplane, monkey. Soldier, airplane, monkey," Laura guides as she slowly steps away and watches Katrina go backward through the water. "Yippee, you are swimming."

I watch from my lifeguard chair with awe.  There is nothing like watching the process of watching another person go from fear to JOY in the water.

If you want to learn to swim one of the first principles is to learn how to conquer your fear of water and make it work for you by floating. The work is relaxing and using your core muscles to rest on top of the water. The dangers of water don't go away but the delight of working with it expands. Learning to float, rest in everyday circumstances is a vital act of trust. I am learning to float in the middle of changeable climates and circumstances because I believe in the power of unfailing Love. Will you join me in leaning back into the Love that never leaves us go as we learn to float in the never-ending flow? Let's float and rest together in Love.