Jul. 16, 2016

"Fruit to Feed the Hungry"

Rubus idaeus. Red, soft, juicy raspberries. I savor samples as I pick. The fruit stimulates sweet taste buds as the berries dissolve on my tongue. The ruby red color, the squishy feel, the fruit aroma, the pleasing taste are my satisfying reward.

In the fall, out of growing season, I pruned, weeded, removed prickly dead branches and now the harvest is more abundant. No instant gratification, I labored without guarantee, but with expectation. So too with my heart. My Master Gardener longs to produce more heart harvest fruit. My Gardener sees the starving world and believes I am worth the labor. My Gardener believes I can offer food to those starving for Love.

"How could Love be the answer? How could I be part of feeding the world?," I question as often I do not see my Gardener's perspective."Really, haven't you seen how I have messed up? Don't You know how little fruit has come from me? If I were You, I would say the branch of me is a waste of time." But I guess my view is different.   What do I have to lose in trying the Gardener's view instead of my own? My view is going nowhere, producing nothing except deadly apathy.

So I am trying a different view,  Gardener's view. Slowly, I am learning to regularly allow pruning, weeding, removal of dead parts of my heart vine. To produce Spirit Love fruit, I need the process. I see desperate hunger all around me. I want to feed the starving in my path. Will I allow the pain I see to em-power me in the process?

Pain is something I normally avoid, not welcome, as a sign of growth. But opening my heart to receive Love, to care, means I feel more. I hurt, I grieve as my Gardener does for creation. But as I trust the Gardener's wisdom and yield my heart, the increased pain sensation is accompanied by increased AWarEness of Spirit Presence flow. Spirit fuels my heart with Love that produces hope, powerful hope. Hope sees the JOYful reward, sweet present and future fruit, as it goes through the painful process. Yummy, gourmet vision produces family feast that feeds starving hearts.

Do I value Love enough to want to endure and feel the process? Do I want to be Love's solution for the problem of hunger I see all round me? I say "yes", I want to flow in Love. I want to be Love's fruitful branch abiding in Life vine. Yes, Love will produce fruit of me.

Red Raspberries. See the fruit, taste the sweet, the harvest fruit of investment that feeds not just me but my family.