Aug. 10, 2016

Time for new shoes. New Balance of body and soul.

"I think I may need new shoes," I inform the knowledgeable salesmen, Scott.

"Why do you think that?," Scott asks.

"Well, I injured my foot dancing last year and had to wear expensive orthopedic shoes for many months before I could go through a day without foot pain. Lately, although I am still wearing these amazing running shoes that look great, my opposite knee hurts," I explain.

"Wow, good thought. Most people would not connect the knee to the foot but since you are a dancer you are more aware of your feet," Scott observes.

"Well, it was just a guess. I don't normally think when my knee hurts that it is my shoe. But still I am confused, these shoes still look great on the outside but my knee hurts," I question.

"How the shoe looks on the outside is not the truth about whether it is good. The truth about the value of the shoe is how well it functions. A shoe can look great but when it is worn out, it no longer functions to help support the body and your misaligned body speaks to tell you. ... I can get you some pairs to try to see how you feel in them," Scott says as he turns to go toward the stock room.

"Thanks. I do not enjoy spending lots of money on shoes but I want to use this body to move for as many years as possible," I respond as Scott returns with several boxes of footwear in my size. I reach down and open the first box and slip the shoes on my feet then turn to test walk in the aisle.

"Wow, as soon as I started walking in these my knee pain started to disappear. That is amazing! I guess I really have to pay attention to my shoes," I comment.

Feet are my foundation. As a dancer, I pay attention to my often dirty and stinky body part. Feet are the tools of expression for me. Balance comes from the strength of my core but feet are the extensions on which I sculpt the air with leaps and steps and solid stands .... When my feet start to hurt I pay attention. Pain speaks.

How often in my life do I experience pain, the absence of awareness of Peace, as indicators that something is misaligned with my true heart core? I wish I could just walk into a shoe store and try pairs of shoes to alleviate all pain.  I wish a nice salesman was available to help align my heart.  But I do have a Spirit Helper that knows the shoes of peace I need for this season.  How often do I ask for help to align myself properly with Peace on Love's foundation? Slowly, I am learning to check in and ask for Spirit health coach advice on my feet and heart daily. I want to continually walk in Peace and Spirit knows my customized fit.

Although I may want to avoid the inconvenience and cost, I frequently I need to change shoes to take the next healthy, Peaceful step forward with a "new balance". Sometimes the new pair even glows in the dark! ....