Dec. 12, 2016

Lamonte, an original SuperJOY fan

Meet my friend Lamonte. We met in a park in Baltimore four years ago when he was homeless. That first meeting, Lamonte took my smiley bracelet and a hug as we shared stories and heart. He was amused by this unique expression of humanity clad in supershirt with cape.

Who knew that smiley bracelets would become Lamonte's constant, colorful fashion statement of hope? Lamonte added a different color Smiley bracelet to his priced collection with each successive visit. He asked for replenishments when his originals wore through with daily use as we exchanged our current statuses in friendly banter.

Today my exposed skin chafes in the bitter cold just as my raw heart aches in grief. I am raw and real with no denial of my neediness. The intensity of my awareness of this undeniable exposed need can only be satisfied by greater depth of revelation of Love. Today that Love looks like Lamonte.  He reminds me who I am, as we share hearts. Through open hearts, we share Love in effortless conversation, laughter and tears. Love is the fire that warms and heals my heart on a bitter, cold day.

Meet soon-to-be sixty year old, Lamonte, an original SuperJOY fan, who now has a full-time job, good housing, significant other, four smiley bracelets and a generous heart that is home for me.