Dec. 28, 2016


"Are you okay?"

A glimpse. As I look in the mirror, while washing my hands in the Ladies room of Frenchy's, I catch a glimpse of the reflection in the mirror next to me.

"Are you okay?," I inquire as I step back and turn toward her.

Her head moves side to side as tears spill down her cheek.

"May I give you a hug?," I whisper.

Her beautiful, dark hair moves towards me with chin affirmatively motioning up and down. She collapses into me as I encircle her with my outstretched arms. Tears spill from both her and my eyes.

"My hus-band. ... My hus---band has another woman. They have children together. He has chosen ..... her. Today is my last day as his wife. ... BUT... I am young ... I am beautiful ... I will be okay? ... Right?," she blurts out through gasping breath.

We linger in nonrushed hug before I move one step backward to grasp her hands and look her in the eyes.

"Yes. You will be okay. You are Beautiful, but more than that, you are Loved. Look I am living proof. You are loved. and if Love sent me to you ... I know others will come. What is your name, beautiful one?"

"My name is Anna."

"I'm JOY.  Can I pray for you, Anna?"

"Yes," she replies as I grab her in another tight hug.

"Thank you that Love looks like JOY and Anna. Give us eyes to increasingly see living Love in all the many ways you fill our days. Peace come, fill every part, guard and touch our hearts."

I kiss her gently on each cheek and then reach in my bag to retrieve a small bottle.

"Look, I carry these everywhere", I say as Anna and I grin, watching the newly created small bubbles float across the room. "Will you take one?" I say as as I place it in her open hand. "One requirement, if you take it, you need to use it," I giggle.

"Yes," Anna nods.

"I am so glad I got to meet you, Anna. Thank you for being here for me. I know we will be okay cause Love never stops helping you see the love right in front of you. Thank you Anna for being tonight's proof of Love for me. Keep your eyes open, I know you are going to see more and more Love. And anytime ... Do bubbles!"

Anna and I hug again as we leave the restroom with a small fresh bubble trail following us.

In a second, a glimpse, Love invited me and I said Yes. Yes to a beautiful young woman named Anna who hugged me and was living proof nothing, not grief or fear or failure or heartbreak or tears or anyone or anything can separate me from Love. In all my states, I will say yes to Love. Will you join me in JOYbubble parade celebrating Love? I know Love has a name, and it just so happens to be yours.