Feb. 23, 2017



"You! Beautiful," she calls.

I turn in the direction of smiling face addressing me.

My petite, elder Vietnamese friend walks up to me with closed hand extended. "They said I too late." ... "They said you gone," she states as her extended hand opens toward me with a fist sized gift, wrapped in foil and rubber band.

"For me? Really?," I reach into her hand and take the offering.

As she beams, I gently pry open the warm, savory gift to see four small rolls. "Wow. Thank you," I say as I kiss her hand.

"They say I too late. But. You Beautiful," she repeats as she proudly turns and goes on her way out of the locker room. Her love delivery mission is complete.

I am left standing in dripping wet swim suit with hand full of foil wrapped love prepared for me. On my ordinary, nothing special days, Love finds me.

My Vietnamese friend and I have little language in common but we speak love fluently. We take time to see each other and share. What Love will I be prepared to share with the one in front of me? A bottle of JOY bubbles, a hug, a smile ... Love is sure a delicious treat to share. Love feeds hungry souls and sometimes bellies as well.