Jun. 23, 2017


"What's your name?," she giggles.

"Joy," I reply.

"Like the girl in the movie, 'Inside Out"?" she asks.

"Yes, exactly," I laugh as my super miracle bubble wand creates bubbles that we watch bounce on the river before being swallowed.

"Hello?," her protective mom comes to water edge to initiate conversation to  see who I am.  After a few minutes of casual conversation Mom confesses.  "She is too trusting and it has gotten her into bad situations." Her daughter sees the world through pure lens of innocence. Satisfied that my heart is good, her mom encourages our interaction.

We talk of my sand dollar earrings and superpowers and fish that swim  and fly and keep witches from doing bad things. "I hate scary things and there are ALOT of scary things I am afraid of," she states.  "But I like pretty things. Do you know Jesus comes to swim in the river at night? You can't see Him but I know He is there."

She and I play as children of light in the water. I dance in the Susquehanna river with my new Italian scarf and 9 year old friend to celebrate as Love colorfully writes in the sunset sky for us.  

"Can I have a hug?" I ask as we exit the water and walk up the hill to her watchful mom and grandma.

"Sure!," she squeals. "But you might get wet 'cause I am all wet," she giggles.

We hug tight and transfer our river wetness and spirit delight.  As we part ways, I give her my yellow bubble wand because she is fully experienced at using her superpower of giving hope through innocent gaze.  I know the super miracle bubbles she creates will invite others to come and play and be loved as children of the Light because that is exactly what she did with me, remind me who I really am.