Jul. 3, 2017


Today I made a choice
To go to an inner city location
To get my driver's license photo.
Was not sure why I felt led to go there.
I stand out in the neighborhood,
In a "One of these things is not
Like the others" sort of way.
I could easily be identified as a target
For no good, even carrying a
super miracle bubble wand.
And when I pulled up and parked,
and spotted this man,
I intentionally walked the
long way around behind the parked cars
To avoid eye contact
And was wondering, "Why Spirit did I feel I should come here?"
Driver's license complete,
I heard in my heart ears,
"You came for the two outside on the sidewalk ."
So I nervously obeyed the prompting,
Preparing for less vulnerable
Ways to stop ...
And ... then ...
Love surprised me with
Abundance on a stressfilled day.
As I left the safety of
My chaotic, in the process renovation
Projects rural house,
I found refuge,
HOME, on city street with
Man who is intentionally
Four years home-less.
Mark Matthews, "King of the hobos",
"Good shepherd" to a large,
Diverse flock of all creeds
including pastors
Gave me so much feast of Hope.
As we parted
I left a yellow mega bubble wand
To continue,
"To let the Sunshine in and
Face it with a grin" ... Cause he opens up his heart
And let's the Sun shine from, to and through him.

Thankyou for forgotten treasures hidden in forgotten places.

I was welcomed HOME a sidewalk on the streets by an open heart and we shared a love feast of the banquet table.  This home is called family. This home is called heart.  This home is called a place where all are invited and welcome to be.