Jul. 24, 2017

"FREE GIFT? Me - owwwwww"

Is it a "free gift " if I
- did not ask for it?
- deny or never acknowledge receipt?
- do not receive it with thankgiving?
- if it was answered prayer of another?
How many free gifts have i
knowingly. Or unknowingly never fully received because i did not want the responsibilty attached with the gift or free?
I will never fully know the abunDANCE available to me until i choose to acknowledge receipt of gifts with thanks. Every moment is a gift. Freedom carries more responsibility than bondage. I choose to receive with thanks every moment because life is a gift and the giver is GOOD. My work is not to receive freely given grace and then try to supplement with my controlling, never good enough efforts. I receive free grace, purchased for me at great cost, with thanks and allow it to become the fuel for me to freely trust in love's unceasing flow.
l freely receive to freely give. In every moment i am given the choice of stewarding in Love or hoarding in fear.. Today, I am practicing choosing saying YES to LOVE and no to fear. Sometimes the opportunity to practice sounds like a panicked "MR-OWWWWEE of an abandoned kitten in my yard.