Sep. 6, 2017

"MERCY sees cabinets and more. Vision. To completion.

 Mercy sees. Mercy saw me.  I become Mercy when I freely receive Mercy to see and be MERCY .
This is a story of a man. This is a story of some cabinets. This is a story of vision through delays and disappointments. This is a story of realizing that to see through lens of Mercy, first I need to know that MERCY always sees me and receive it. 
Gene, my husband, has vision. Often his vision is in areas where I do not have it, as in, space utilization, architectural design, home projects and possibilities. I never knew this side of my husband until his friend shared a vision for  repurposing lives through rehabbing  homes. One day he passed a small house near us that seemed like an ideal project for "Mercy sees".  Pencils and graph paper and rulers appeared as he played with design and space in this house he hoped to make a home. That house never materialized but other candidates appeared and ...

Many years ago cabinets were  purchased for a "Mercy Sees"
project that was to provide purpose for men practically using their skills to 
provide housing, refuge for those needing mercy. Several opportunities fell through, doors closed and although a few cabinets were gifted to 
places that serve as refuge, the majority remained. 

A failure?  Hope deferred? 
Dead dream?  Had Gene heard wrong? 
Why bother to "obey" still small  voices when it could just lead to a broken  heart?
And the majority of those cabinets collected dust and disappointment in our friends storage shed ... until a new lens, a new vision transformed something old to now new.

Why obey? Why follow your  vulnerable  heart in new territory?  Why risk disappointment and failure? BEcause Love works ALL things together for good. BEcause you will never experience growth if you never open  your heart. BEcause
sometimes  a heart needs to BE broken to BE broken  OPEN  to RECEIVE  LOVE  and MERCY  even in my places of disappointment  (whose failure is this God? Where are You now?)

And so, "MERCY  saw us" as the home  that would  be a refuge,  a safe place. Mercy tranformed a perceived  failure into something new because we allowed mercy and love to touch our broken open hearts.

Thr process is still happening. Restoration ongoing. But the goal is not a finished  product but accessing  Peace  in every moment of the process and beyond. That Peace awareness is far more valuable and longer lasting  than a new kitchen.  
And In the process,  men have come to experience PRESENCE  of PEACE in the chaos of the continual problem  solving required in  their labors of restoration in the shell of this laid bare house.

Did I tell you my husband  has vision and
does not lose it in the long process. 
He fixes his eyes on HOME, 
the Giver of reNEWed vision.  Continually Merciful Love flows. My husband is the most valuable house for  PRESENCE,  Peace, love, justice, mercy ... And LOVE  is His forever Home.