Oct. 26, 2017

Riptide Rest. Riptide Rescue. Peaceful Presence

"Riptide Rescue of Rest.. PEACEfull presence."

LOVE speaks  to me regularly, gloriously in the sky.  

What do I see? I see what I believe.
My lens. 
My view is determined by my belief.
I am increasingly choosing LOVE  and not fear as my lens. So I see ... beauty even in nightmares ...

These photos are a story. My recent life story.  

I saw the HEART cloud (or angel wings) after I took the shot.  If you saw the whole shot another reverse heart was in light in the surf on the beach below. This was the sunrise morning walk after I got caught in a riptide swimming the evening before ...  and the other photos are me gratefully weeping as I thank Peace for always BEING  present with me and the sky kissing my heart with fire to confirm Love's presence and seal the trauma with healing Peace on bike ride back to my hotel room after my ocean adventure.

Healing looks like Peace encountering me in the clouds during the riptide swimming helping me to navigate and the next morning as I returned at sunrise ... Much more to this story but know that LOVE is REAL and powerful to rescue.

What do I see? Hearts and angels and Love presence kisses that never leave but witness and rescue me from me to be more fully loved me as a child, surrendering to the way Love always  sees me - FREE .