Nov. 6, 2017



We just said YES. We followed a prompting. We drove to and hiked local mountain top to peaceful vistas (dressed as SUPER JOY and hiker Gene).

I was celebrating, LOVE MORE = fear less with my very living, breathing being. I was letting LIGHT of LOVE conquer some exposed dark fears on anniversary month of traumatic moments. With NEW vision I now see that even in those life altering, painful moments ... LOVE was present.

Gene and I did not know the tragic news about NYC when we went to local mountain Tuesday afternoon to be a blessing, speak LIFE on this hallowed eve. 

But today, as I reviewed these photos, I realized we were both wearing our NYC transit worker reflective vests (purchased years ago at yard sale) as we faced East toward NYC and beyond..  

Yes, LOVE is all-ways AWarE, connected, always there even in the valley of the shadow. Available to be with me in meeting my living nightmares, fears. There is JOY available in the mourning. There is always connection available even - when I am unaware- connection in LOVE. 

And yes, i now know, i cannot be separated, LOVE is stronger than the grave. I am free to mourn and rejoice with my sister's and brothers. 'cause I am LIVING HOPE .

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