Nov. 10, 2017

HIS AND HERS. SUPERsweatshirts for COSMIC PLAY. I spy Favor.


At Wal-Mart, I unsuccessfully was tracking down remedy for cat and decided to check to see if any clearance costumes .... Voila, I found my SUPERsweatshirt with cape - marked FULL price. I was excited to find a long sleeve option I have desired so I put it in my cart. At the checkout, shirt was 90% off ? (Even asked cashier, "for real?") Later, I went back, price checked and got 2 more plus one for mr. "Beyond space and time" super boy. 😊 I guess I truly am highly favored.

I spy GRACE deposited in advance for SUPER JOY. Cosmic play? Have a SUPER day spying the GRACE deposited in advance for GOOD works - for you to be you. @joyheartart