Nov. 14, 2017

Kitten Food communion. Learning to come as a child.

"Kitten Food Communion. Learning to come as a child" by Joy N.

"Many young people will come to your house just to be in your presence.  I am just one of the first," a young visitor said. "Really, we are not that special and ...." I thought. Now, several years later,  it seems to be coming true.  Sometimes Gene and I are paying these visitors  (I.e. Contractors) but it does seem our country home is welcoming more people.  Usually the way they come is not with much advanced notice or our plan. Still, I am grateful and learning to be present, real, in my not "Better Homes and Gardens" house.  One such time happened recently.
The day began at daybreak with my young adult daughter, Hope, having her wisdom teeth removed.  Playing nurse mom, I kept the ice packs and soft foods coming with a watchful eye as we both recovered.  Then, in the late afternoon, I received a message from one of Hope's best friends, Natalia.  My first hint of things to come.  Later as my husband and I walked  briefly at sunset I got a text. "Mom, Natalia is here - with Ezra."
"Well Natalia and her very cute, very active 1 year old son, Ezra, will definitely keep Hope's  mind off of the pain and swelling," I thought.  Yes, distraction. Distraction for me too.
Giggling, babbling, continually moving, exploring and expressing, Ezra is a force.  His life just spills over nonstop. And my house, well my non-toddler proof house has a lot to be discovered - hands on, mouth on .... like cat food feeders on the kitchen floor.   And, before I, in my very tired state noticed, Ezra was helping himself to gourmet cat food delights and splash washing his hands in between each course in the cat water bowl. I moved this feast supply as reheated leftovers were placed on the table.
"Wow, I've come a long way from being a health inspector with home safety training," I thought.  "Please, Spirit, keep an eye on us and use your angels to protect us from ourselves 'cause ... I am so not qualified," I added silently to our short meal blessing. "Will you still say YES  and let me BE  ALL?" Spirit responded. Wow, my health inspector background was irrelevant. I had to trust and just be  - saying Yes to Spirit like a trusting child.
Must admit, I had a lot of confessing going on to Spirit  during the visit. Being present and realizing how helpless I am is a challenging task for me. In the end, it was very messy but very good.  After all, the One I love became flesh as a baby and was placed in swaddling clothes in an animal feeding trough (don't think cat food involved but probably even messier?).
And when I was just done. Exhausted.  I'd look over at Ezra and he'd catch my eye and laugh and I joined him.  Such a delight.  How could I stay frustrated at my lack of quiet, safe solutions when I looked into those eyes, that jubilant face? Constantly.  Discovering. Exploring as a child.  Ezra is just pure, untamed delight. 
Ezra reminds me who I am - a child, a source of delight, a JOY as I trust and explore endless GOODness.  I am to be like a child constantly exploring and discovering as I wander in WONDER, in AWE celebrating each discovery. Will I do this in my everyday? Well that choice is mine. Will I remain connected? surrender me continually to let Jesus use my body?
Think Jesus would have been down on the floor. Not sure if He would have used kitten food or not for communion with Ezra. And on that night, when I had no energy to do anything with my unexpected toddler guest in my nontoddler proof house,  I kept being reminded of psalm 8. Out of the mouths of infants and toddlers He ordains praise.  Yep, Ezra was teaching me. Just be present. Simply come as a child, cause I am one. 
Later, at the kitchen sink, as I washed dishes, and Ezra moved to kitten and other discoveries in the living room, I took regular communion .... maybe I should try kitten food? 
"And a little child will lead them," and bring them and make it home.  I am home to Love.  Will I be present and welcome others to simply come and be with me at home? Yes, especially little ones who invite me to kitten food communion .....