Nov. 19, 2017

Gratefull. Thank full. Being PRESENT.

GrateFULL. ThankFULL. Heart capacity FULL, meaning no empty space, filled to overflow.  Today I feasted. I am THANK  FULL. I got to EnJOY warm conversations, bubbles, smiles and heart connections with all different age treasures at a cold, rainy community thanksgiving meal in Allison Hill,  Harrisburg, PA.

 What a privilege to hear the soft spoken story of my new friend Charles. We  sang together. He shared long passages of living  words that have become life to him in every season of his life. "In the beginning was the Word...." Such eloquence could grace famous concert venues but I got to be the privileged audience of one.  Sixty seven year old Charles has dyed his hair to play Jesus in his local nursing home visits and when I heard his soft voice recite his words I felt like it was more than a GOOD actor portrayal, I was in the PRESENCE  of Him living proof n this man's body. Real Presence speaks louder than and BEyond wotdsm will I remember this? When I have no words. Just show up. Just be me. Just be present as LOVE  in and through Joy?

What an honor to just be present, be me, with Charles and Priscilla and Ada and Jasmine and Jonathan  and Rafina and Sophia and Camilla and Rebecca ... (even if most of the day my new long sleeve super hood was under a raincoat and hands were covered by thermally insulated gloves ) 😊⛆💖 Gratefull ... THANK  FULL  for opportunity to share, outpour LOVE in the downpour.