Nov. 20, 2017

International heart

From my earliest childhood days, I dreamed of traveling to see the lands my veteran family members had visited and my mother taught about with weekly missionary flannel graphs in our living room.  It took many forty plus years to visit nations but now I have had the privilege to visit several countries on several different continents with many more on my list.

But when I live in the Lehigh valley in Pennsylvania and am going to an event to celebrate the nations and I am  from the host nation (of which the majority will be) why not pick a continent and dress your love?  Skirt - Uganda. Purse-  Mozambique.  Necklace - Kenya.  Headscarf - GOODwill ... well they are global, right? .  I wore the scarf the way I was taught by a toothless smiling woman in  the bush of Mozambique who also gave me a few dance moves as we had quite a language barrier but strong LOVE Connection. So she taught me and I drew her. Think i may need some refresher lessons ...

Being a colorful dancer who loves drums this continent is part of my heart home. Raw and real and intense and beautiful. So grateful.  And other days, I dress other countries and continents cause there is beauty to be found in all nations and I celebrate it.  And the  the shirt, "Shalom " Presence  of nothing missing, nothing broken, wholeness  PEACE in ALL nations, every tribe , every tongue is always part of my wardrobe. I dress international and BEyond in PEACE and let it FLOW  through me.

I always cared about the nations. I always wanted to go and I have visited. But now I also know I do not always physically have to go in my body to be present in spirit. I carry nations in my heart and listen to what Spirit says is the good plan.  I declare these good plans. Reading headlines not to confirm my fears but confirm that my declarations in heavenly places become GOOD news on earth. If I do not have HOPE for every nation, every person, every tribe, every tongue, if I am not yet, seeing what LOVE sees, I need an upgrade in size of Love and vision. So I listen, I ask, I see, I speak Peace, Good Plan over nations and they will come to me. The Light has dawned upon me. I am arising and shining. The nations will come to me because I speak Life and it shines brightly.