Nov. 23, 2017

Unity in diversity . University

"Free. Education. No more debt." By SUPERJOY n.
Unity in diversity.
Unity is not conformity
but unity of focus
on ONE common GOOD,
Each member
Offering uniqueness,
Our individual perspectives,
Not as victims but
As powerful contributors
To a living, breathing,
multifaceted, WHOLE
ONE prismatic HEART.
Let us remain teachable,
Always learning as part of
the divine Univerity,
Unity in diversity.

Not a nurse or teacher. When I left home and decided university was my chosen path to life I did not totally know what I wanted to be.  I always enjoyed and excelled at the world of ideas.  My mind raced nonstop so academics was a place to apply this.  For the most part, I loved school. Although a slow reader, I absorbed the information over which I labored.  Because I was a deliberate reader I often felt stupid and panicked in standardized tests (which I over analyzed) and labs.  Somehow, no matter what grades I achieved, I always knew "I was stupid."  My ideas were often not the norm. "Out of the box". So too, my practical, hands-on learning never looked like someone else.  Labs terrified me. I knew there I would be exposed in my stupidity after I blew up an organic chemistry lab or ....

I loved the world of ideas. Academic environments (and libraries) felt like my alternate reality where I belonged.    Some of my most enjoyable jobs were in this environment. Even though I had deliberately chosen not to become the acceptable educated woman jobs of my day (nurse and teacher) I gravitated toward teachers (like my mother). (And later in life in volunteering in schools was asked," where did you teach?" by teachers)

But life outside the university or library was a mine (mind) field of hidden traps. Life lab, practical living applications, remained scary.  "Common sense" eluded me. Common was not my style and my practice of ideas was uncommon. There was not much incentive openly to live my ideas in my unique way. So for the "common good" I tried to conform and made my life about trying to fit in, perform to the society standards of normal.  Often, I remained silent in public settings and discussions.

Until I could not anymore.  I could not perform. I had to learn to be me.  Live my crazy ideas in my life without comparing but aware of others and honoring. Life is more than a lab but I needed to actually participate. Labs are designed for students to see that the theories they learned are more than just theories. Labs are designed to demonstrate the reality and practical implications of ideas.  I needed to practice all of my unique ideas as me in my real life or they actualy my not be real. I ws trained in scientific research methods. Theory. Experiment. Observation. Laws.  I said I believed Love to be the ultimate substance, the ultimate good, the ultimate reality.  What did Love look like in my every day life as me? Is Love real?

So today, clumsily, I am applying my theoretical understanding to real life living as me. I believe each person has a unique design. Each person needs to show up and participate as the uniquely loved version of themselves. Each person needs to understand that another person always has something to offer, to teach as themselves. I do not have to be the other person. I do not have to agree with the other person. I do have to believe that each person has a valuable contribution. Unity is not alikeness.  Unity is one common focus from many diverse, individual parts -  the common GOOD.

I am committed to contributing my unique part, my unique lens as a truly loved individual and I need others to contribute their parts also. I have access to richer and deeper and wider the more unique parts are contributed.  I did not go to university to become a teacher but I will always be a lifelong learner, teachable in love. I may not be in the academic settings but I will always live in university. Unity in Diversity. Will you join me and teach me as unique truly loved you?