Dec. 5, 2017

I am a thinker and a believer

In my lifetime
I was told by a brilliant,
Well meaning philosophy teacher
That I could not be
" a thinker and a believer."
If Iwas a believer,
I must be confused,
Might have been brainwashed.
Thirty years later
I have a response..
I am a thinker
And a BEliever -
For the SPIRIT who inhabits, and
Is the infinite frame of my BEING
And In my every move and breath
Uses my mind, my brain to transmit
Higher, hopefilled thoughts.
My mind is a tool that serves.
A mind is not the same as a brain.
A mind goes BEyond .
I have a NEW mind, reNEWed amazing thoughts and I have a lot of them.
I BElieve to TRUTH-fully think in the Spirit..
I grow deeper in my belief because the thoughts flowing through my mind now are so much better, fuller, peacefilled, hope-full that I KNOW
these thoughts are not just my own.
Because I am a thinker, I believe.
Because I am a believer, I ask Spirit to use my mind to think GOOD, true, pure thoughts.
I believe therefore truly I am.
I am a thinker and a BEliever.
I think crazy, good, thoughts BEyond....