Dec. 6, 2017

Art breaks my heart and heals it in living FLOW

Art breaks my heart but also gives me tools to express, create life through the pain. Art keros me vulnerable. On Saturday I picked up an ebony drawing pencil for the first time in several years as I let go of and released fresh artistic disappointments that were undeniably painful. And as I drew tangible PEACE  flowed, refreshing me as the tears cleansed my eye lens and reMINDed me that success is not a product but engaging,  expressing TRULy loved me in the process of living. Gratefull. Thank full to overflowing for tools to use to express my heart.. Grateful for Rodin who sculpted a legacy that inspires and invites me to be me even as I rage against "the gates of hell" by living abundantly and creatively as a child of the LIGHT.