Dec. 11, 2017

Love writes in the sky for children's eyes

Yesterday, as my just turned eight year old friend, princess M., pages through my digital portfolio
(Super JOY views and Word image art) she looks up from the book directly into my eyes.
"Does God talk to you in the sky and the clouds, Miss JOY?"
"Why yes, God does talk to me in the sky, M. Does God talk to you."
"YES! Can you tell me what God said in this picture, Miss JOY?"
"Well, in the middle of that sunset ... Do you see ....?"
My reply is interrupted by her excited discovery...
"A HEART! There is a heart 'cause God LOVES...."
I take time to be present and listen 'cause children (of all ages) teach me how to keep it simple and be in awe of NEW discoveries. Yep, I come as a child, no matter my physical age, because of such is the Kingdom.
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