Dec. 21, 2017

A silent partner ir acknowlledged creative SOURCE?

So what if your long term professional acquaintance told you that you could be a lot more marketable if you you did not acknowledge the Source of this Bright Idea of you? What if you, in print, acknowledging the Source of this design (that they liked enough to purchase) caused them to regret their purchase? What if their opinion had professional substance? What if you could sell a lot more cards if the Source of Inspiration and major contributing Artist remained a silent partner? Maybe this is not a bright idea? Maybe i am not a bright idea?
What if I could just always live as I always have, ruled by other people's opinions and satisfy noone and never feel true-ly real, loved or free to be me? Am i living to advertise love or fear? Do i know who i am? What do i believe? What benefit do people receive from my presence, my products? Who is my target audience? What is my purpose? What is my goal? Is success selling more cards?
This situation is real. The dilemma is not a fantasy. So as i process the valued input from a friend, i have to return to my Inspiration, my collaborative Artist, my creative Life Source Who honors all and ask , "What would honor You the most? What does me being the true-ly loved REAL one You imagined and designed as a Bright Idea in this situation look like (even if not marketable, or popular)?
I honor my friend. I value and consider her priceless professional input but i honor my Bright Idea Source of true wisdom and Peace even more.
Not sure what that looks like yet - modified card or not - but am sure i am not alone in the journey and that i always have true PEACE and provision available in the process if i choose it.
Marketing, branding success, cannot give me security in identity but it can be a beautifull tool to illustrate it. Only my Designer truly knows who i am and continually owns me and proclaims i am- be-LOVED. I will remain and be led in the Bright Idea of Peace, as the real me, advertising love in the world but not of it.
@joyheartart #superjoythoughts