Dec. 30, 2017

Choosing to dance . Rediscovering first love lifestyle.

  Choosing to dance . Rediscovering first love lifestyle. 

And we  danced on our post movie date in Weis aisles last night and he tipped me and swayed off nd we almost knocked everything off the pharmacy shelves and the angels must have done more than keep our feet from stumbling .... and we laughed and laughed ,,, yep, this is the REAL us .... the ones who decide moment by moment to find reason to celebrate each other in sickness and health in the good and the bad and the conflict and the peace .... this is us, having the privilege and honor of being present in each others lives.

Thus year , after thurty two years,of marriage we have more cards nflict because we are less phobic of conflict and more trusting  of benefits of the tension creted by this union of two very different unique individuals.  Amazing the new duscoveries you make about each other when you trust. Who is this man? Who is this woman? I have never seen thar before  ... wow. I choose to embrace New duscovery of me and you. Renewing first love is not returnng to old but embracing the unexpected new in the familiar. And if i need help. I ask fir the Designer's vision. The Creator always sees new.

We choose to dance. We choose to celebrate. We choose continually to be now NEW. First love again and again not falling in love but being lifted out of ourselves in Love's perpetually new view.