Jan. 3, 2018

Globe warmng. Being turned upside down to warmly SHINE.

Joy View #11 "Globe Warming. Being ng turned upside down to WARMLy SHINE. 

I needed this today in our prolonged below normal temperatures where everyone's focus seems to be the weather. How do I find hope and be in a state of Peace that transcends what i do not consciously control. First step for me is to realize I really am never in control. My internal weather should not be set by my awareness of control by  of access to unchanging LOVE  e and Peace.

From the time i was a child i have always loved sparkly snow globes. Turn, shake to bring them to life. What if i am inside the globe being the sparkly one being turned to sparkle, shimmer, shine and give an opportunity for those around to feel heart warm and experience a moment of pure joy and wonder. Is it worth being turned upside down. YES, to gloriously display AWEsome LOVE.

In my history of doing preschool storytimes i often did variations of familiar " itsy bitsy spider" and "i'm a little teapot" to attempt t regain center of attention when norrmal childhood  chaos was attempting to take charge of the storytime. Quickky the children start d the song and motions. "I'm a little teapot ... just tp me over and pour me out ...." what  if i need to be tipped over and poured out, world turned upside down like the kngdom of which i am a child. When my father briefly turned me upside down holding me by my toes above the ground anything not attached fell off including k  pocket contents. Maybe upsife down removI s the weight of unsolicited hitchhikers i am carrying and releases what it insid  to outside permeating and r ffusing to hrough me the Spirit of PEACE  i need to be reMND d I carry.

Global warming. Frozen Hearts thaw in my presence . @joyheartart #superjoythoughts #art #meditation #childofthelight #AWakEandAWarE #inspiration #wisdom #story #heartclimatecontrol