Jan. 5, 2018

Collage creating process for seeing old to new

I am now NEW.
The old is passed away,
BEhold ALL things
Have BEcome NEW.
As a creative storyteller
I see a story, see value in everything.
I have a history of saving things
because i always can see value, story in things and even people others overlook.
      BUT I am not designed to store or carry but steward and FLOW where ALL is continuously NEW. My memory is not the whole picture. Can I acknowledge, own and let my old, my limited memory pass away to see more and more of Love's NEW more and more complete picture? Am i open to be in wonder? To lear to grow?
  So last night, the creative part of me enJOYed the process of taking beautiful old calendar sheets and collaging words that focus and reMIND me of my design in a temporary visual story, poem.
It is a process , I am practicing, creating, repurposing, turning old to NEW and letting go.
   Where will the collages go? Not sure, but the process of creating helped me to BElieve and BEhold,  things are NOW NEW. I value. I let go. I steward. I let LOVE FLOW continuously 'cause LOVE to and for and through me is LIFE abundantly.