Jan. 26, 2018

Embracing the process of living

Process. Drafts. The feeling of failure and yuck when it dies not sound or look anything like the inspiration, the sound in my head, the story in my thoughts, the picture in my imagination. The feelng when attempt after attempt seem to be gping nowhere, toward nothing of for public consumption, no finished product to validate or justify the effort.  I want as Much michaelangelo to  desyroy every step, every attempt that to me highlight  my visible  imperfection

. So why keep going? Why keep creating?. Why keep working ? Why keep living? What possibly could I be demonstrating? What i never produce a product of which i am proud to display? What is the TRUE  masterpeace s my momentary life living in the process?

What if LIFE

true-ly is more
about the
PROCESS than the product
of living?
What if the -
Scene by scene,
moment by moment,
Seemingly unusuable
Drafts of
creative co-laboration,
Creator co-mmUNION
were the REAL deal,
the picture worth more than a thousand words,
BEyond words, even, that
Shows and tells my
Messy and real story of TRUE LOVE?
What if i just need to say YES
And stay present in the PROCESS
of crEATing that is sometimes hard and effectively reveals and builds
my sense of identity
my HEART -
the ultimate piece of ART?
Moment by moment
I choose to
BE present,
I say YES to the PROCESS 'cause
Jln, 1-26-18

Join me today, say Yes, demonstrate creative YOU,  in the process of living you. We will finish welll together as we continue to say YES.