Jan. 29, 2018

Creating is a journey not destination.

Creating is a journey.
So many INvitations
to continue,
to BElieve more or ... stop.
I say YES and
continue the exploration,
Creative CO-LabOR-ation.
Jln, 1-28-18

Creating is a collaborative living process.  Many times, as in my process of creating artwork, I look at the work to that point and see no good.  It looks nothing like the idea that inspired it or anything good in my view.  My temptation is to destroy it, trash the attempt, again and again.  But I am learning to persevere in the process. Often I walk away for perspective then return and do the next simple step I feel led to do.  often it remains different than my original idea but the journey actually takes me to something better.  Even when I walk away without a display able piece I know the intentional time connecting to and being aware of my Life source is the masterPEACE that is the priceless, eternal work that cannot erode.  I choose to partner every moment living my art and persevering in the process.  Sometimes it produces a visible result but always it produces and develops me.

Today I say yes moment by moment in my living process of priceless artistic COLabORation. Let's stay in the moment by moment process and BE LOVE's art.