Aug. 5, 2018

Welcome to my heart, UNI

Meet my new addition "Uni". Uni was welcomed home to My heart and house last evening.
  "Did you get your birthday rainbow unicorn Joy?," my friend Candace Cabanas asks. "Well, I've had almost daily unicorn sightings and several friends let me spend time with theirs but none live at my house yet," I chuckled. "Hold out your hand, JOY, please." Candace instructs.
IN the soft campfire light I see and feel the soft texture and catch a hint of dancing sparkles as her handcrafted gift is placed in my hand. "You do not need to keep it. You can give it away. I feel a bit silly giving you, a grown woman, a toy but thought I was supposed to make and give this to you. Happy belated birthday."
  Uni is uniquely made like me, a BEautiful hybrid, a symphony composed of distinct sound movements in one composition. Uni is three distinct parts joined together UNIted as one (unicorn, kitty, mermaid parts equipping for flying sky, crawling on earth and ssumming in water).
I have a lot of SUPER JOY adventures planned for us to become better acquainted. I want to know and to find out about uni and her capabilities and mine exploring LOVE . Can she fly above to see higher? Can uni dive and take me deeper? Can she nap in purrfect PEACE in a life boat in a raging storm?
    Thank you Candace for giving me a gift of your beautiful heart and hand, a new tool of HOPE to reMIND me the BEautiful Kingdom where unique creatures live and rainbows of certain good promises reign is entered and enjoyed by delighting as a truly loved child. Welcome home Uni to my heart. Jln, 8-5-18