Aug. 6, 2018

Accommodating overflowing

"Accommodating overflowing"

Can you I have too much of a truly GOOD thing? I LOVE water. I need water to live. But too much water in the wrong way can also kill me.
What do i do to be an healthy vessel of flow, abundant overflow? My community pool has water damage. The irony. So I called in advance to make sure a local lake was handling the record-breaking rain.
There are many ways to overflow but most likely it is messy as new unplanned paths are used for abundant flow. Out of my heart springs overflow, sometimes abundant torrents. Have I individually and we collectively constructed ditch paths, recycling drainage systems, lakes, release dams so that the beauty and power of flow brings more abundant life than destruction, more JOY for all than ... LOVE, the Source of ultimate abundance, builds bridges and connections not to trap into stagnant controlled pools but live as FLOW. Love's connections are real but flexibly unbreakable to guard yet yield abundant flow. Am I using wisdom from my Source today in how to be an effective conduit, channel of overflow in abundant, lifegiving LOVE? I am a vessel of GOOD. Grace and mercy follow me as my stream of overflow. My heart is a good flow. Jln, 8-5-18