Aug. 6, 2018

Exploring the NEW as trusting child

"Exploring the NEW as a trust e child."

Yesterday I saw a group of young kids who had snuck down to a dock without adult supervision. They rode their bicycle and scooter full speed right off the dock  into the water continuing to pedal and push. As a certified lifeguard it gave me pause. I am not responsible technically but i am always on duty... so i checked in with my LIFE coach. "Unless you come to my Kingdom as a little child, fully trusting, exploring the limits discovering NEW of me you will never truly know my KINGDOM." I need children to make me uncomfortable in the old and invite me to bravely,  be loved as a mature  child and say yes to exploring the now NEW  IN Him. And yes, the childten safely exited the water even if bickering over who rode the vehicles and who walked to their campsite "home".  Jln, 8-6-18