Aug. 10, 2018

Challengng work of REST

I enJOY being active.
I love moving my body in water and land to express and experience a higher awareness of my life depenDANCE on Grace. I move to healthily process the myriad thoughts and emotions I experience momentarily. I am designed for depth and intensity.
So when back pain interferes with my normal function ... it is work for me to be at PEACE with the intense prescription of REST required for healing.
Often, as soon as I feel pain relief and access to increased function, I "overdo" and find myself back in the original position or worse....
Seems the hardest prescription for me is REST. Rest in my body. Rest in my mind. Rest in my heart. Rest in my BEING. Rest requires me to trust, experience, demonstrate new desperately needed, intense levels of Grace.
I do not like or EnJOY the painful invitation to BE still. But I do wanna know. I need to know.
So this morning, as internally I wrestled with the "what ifs" of unREST, I look from my pillow-propped antigravity chair to see LOVE's comical invitation and model of REST- my youngest cat, Shiloh.
Okay, ha ha, I get it, I will BE still to KNOW and move in greater, deeper GRACE abunDANCE. I will move and be active in greater REST.
Yes LOVE leads me and causes me to lie down inviting me to BE RESTored and it is GOOD. Jln, 7-10-18