Aug. 13, 2018

Super JOY and UNI: learning to float in REST

Essential LIFE SKILL: floating in REST of PEACE

SUPER JOY and UNI thought for today: "We all need to learn how to float". Think with all this PA flooding, I need to teach UNI a basic water survival skill, floating. Afterall, SUPER JOY is a American red cross certified LIFEguard.

An essential skill in conquering the fear of water is learning to float. Floating requires me to learn to relax back into the water to let the water hold me up, letting the water work for instead of against me. My energy and efforts in floating are centered in relaxing and BEing aware of my core. Floating is powerful work of trust, of REST, being still and supported by a powerful force.

Water is a powerful force. If I panic, all my swimming skill can be rendered meaningless. I will live and love much longer, if I learn the wisdom of knowing when to flip on my back and float in REST.

Today, as I watch the floods from inside my house, I am deciding to flip on my back, being still, centered in my heart core. I am listening. More long term Solutions come to me in REST than panic and I need to live as LOVE's Solution greater than any problem.

Today I am teaching UNI to float inside so that together we will be available to be the rescue boat for those drowning in panic around us. I will live as Peace, be still, in the storm . For PEACE is the most powerful LIFE force of LOVE.
Jln, 8-13-18