Aug. 15, 2018

Seeking and finding Peace in the STORMt

"seeking and fnding PEACE in the storm"

In most recent days, if I go outside and try to take a brief walk, the skies are full of BEautiful drama. YES, sometimes my admission price to the show is getting soaked in the splash zone but the speech pouring forth, being glorious declared  from the heavens... well it makes my heart overflow more than the fully saturated PA earth is these days.

And yesterday there was a bonus at the end. Just a hint but still a reminder of forever promise. I do not understand. Everyday, I have to ask even how to pray. Scientific explanations are fascinating but fall short of Peace for me..

BUT  a promise. A promise from the Truth who is the author of science and all good.  An unfailing LOVE promise before my eyes helps me be in PEACE in the storms. My heart breaks open once again in gratitude and praise as I lift my eyes. Hope you enjoy the view with me.  Jln, 8-15-18

What is the focus of my view?
What helps me move forward
In Hope?
Am I focused on the dramatic intensity of the storm cloud
or the barely visible but real treasure of promise?
Today, my focal point is my choice.
I choose to lift my eyes.
I focus on the treasured Truth, my very present Peace that glows brightly, grows and renews me in LOVE even in, especially in the storm.
Jln, 8-15-18