Aug. 15, 2018

Bound togethe in unity of LOVE

"Bound together in unity of LOVE."

Binding together does not sound like a comfortable process. I think of sheeves of wheat,  pets and toddlers in protective leashes, oxen to n yokes, clydesdale horses in teams, slaves in chains. Bndng often is not a pleasant process but it can be a very productive, very good thing if I he bonds are purposeful.

And as i recently leaned more of the history of the Moravians who originated in what is now the czech republic and settled in and founded Bethlehem i was surprised by the process of formation of love bonds.

It is a GOOD thing when brethren come together as one and forgive and let go and embrace the Unity found in LOVE by the Spirit. The original Moravians  were disparate group persecuted for their beliefs and when they found refuge together at hernhutt they were beaten down and broken hearted and did not like each other but.... a for a wise host and  leader ... Count nicholas van zinzandorf.

He listened to individuals, moderated violent disagreements and then enforced a powerful practical training tool-  the religious refugees literally had to link arms and work together. They found how to honor in love practically and lived it as a lifestyle. May we practically  honor and love our neighbors. Grateful for the Moravians at hernhutt who experienced a Moravian Pentecost on August 13th several hundred years ago  and for those who came and settled in the Lehigh Valley and established Bethlehem. Grateful for the One who is Love and breaks down every dividing wall.

Will you join me in celebrating and living in the purposeful bond of UNITY that is found in LOVE?  The process probably will not always be comfortable but the it will be profitable, purposeful, with long lasting legacy.

  Jln, 8-14-18 @joyheartart #superjoythoughts #gemeinnhaus